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Wrestling Week Across America

Wrestling Week Across America is a program for wrestling clubs around the country to promote the sport of wrestling.  

Monday, March 12th - Wrestling Highlight Day

Post your favorite wrestling video or clip. It can be your highlights or an all-time favorite video - just be sure to post a wrestling highlight to kick off the week. #wrestlingweek

Tuesday, March 13th - Diversity in Wrestling Day

Celebrate the rich history of diversity in wrestling. #wrestlingweek

Wednesday, March 14th - Wrestling Hero Day

Share a shout-out, vignette, or short story about your wrestling hero. Your hero is your hero, so tell the world why your hero is that. #wrestlingweek

Thursday, March 15th - Salute to Service Day

Wrestling has a long tradition and relation with our military, so be sure to thank a vet for his or her servive. Or thank more than one! #wrestlingweek

Friday, March 16th - Wrestling Shirt Day

Wear your favorite wrestling shirt to school, work, or at the NCAA Championships in Cleveland. Encourage your teammates or former teammates to take part alongside you. #wrestlingweek

Saturday, March 17th - NCAA Championships Viewing Party

Make Plans as a club or team to watch the finals of the NCAA Championships on ESPN. Plan it with your team, your friends, and your community with a viewing party! #wrestlingweek

you can register your club by clicking HERE

Sunday, March 18th - Olympic Wrestling Day

It's time to get involved in the Olympic Styles of wrestling and improve overall as a wrestler or coach. Begin your own journey! #wrestlingweek